About us

Zaitegui was founded in 1970, in the heart of the Encartaciones region of Bizkaia, Spain.

Over the years, this multi-brand store has evolved to keep pace with changing fashions.

Zaitegui combines a careful search for new, emerging brands and designers with personalised dealings with all its customers, who enjoy advice and assessment from our dedicated staff.

In recent years, Zaitegui has also launched its own collection, working in close partnership with designers and craftspeople in the creative process – from design to fabric selection. In this new venture, we combine the essence of Zaitegui with the talent of designers who, like us, are committed to another way of working and viewing fashion.



If you’re looking for shopping advice, need help to create that perfect look for a special event or want to improve your image, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

At Zaitegui we offer a tailored and unique personal shopper service for all our customers.

Learn to combine different garments and discover which ones suit you best.


The team at Zaitegui is now working with other brands in the industry to offer the design and stylist services for preparing editorials and campaigns.

If you are interested in hiring Zaitegui’s professional design and stylist service, please contact us at tiendaonline@zaitegui.es or via our contact form.