1. The gift card is available in the following formats:
a) Sending via email
b) PDF to download and print

2. The price of the Card can be paid with any of the means of payment accepted at www.zaitegui.es. Gift cards will not be paid through another gift card.

3. The gift card will expire within 2 years from the time it was ordered and has free shipping costs.

4. Any outstanding balance of the Card will not be refunded or exchanged for cash, except as required by law.

5. Cards purchased at www.zaitegui.es can not be returned. The products purchased with these cards can be changed within 14 days of placing the order.

6. The Card can be used as often as the cardholder wishes, until the total amount has been used up.

7. The remaining balance on the Card will be the difference between the remaining balance available before the purchase and the relevant amount used in said purchase. When the purchase price exceeds the remaining balance on the Card, the difference can be paid through any means of payment accepted at www.zaitegui.es.

8. Products purchased with the Zaitegui Gift Card will be subject to the same exchange and refund policy as any other product purchased at www.zaitegui.es

9. The holder of the gift card will be solely responsible for the use and custody of the Card. The Card will not be replaced in case of theft, loss or damage of the same. However, Zaitegui may replace the Card in case of a change in the format of the Card. In addition, Zaitegui will not be responsible for the non-receipt or delay in receipt of said Card by its recipient for the following reasons: 9.1 Deficiencies or failures in telecommunication lines / systems 9.2 Delay in the transmission of information or data or the loss of information or data that may occur in any of the circumstances provided in the previous section 9.3 The inaccuracy of the data of the recipient of the Card provided by the purchaser of the Card; 9.4 The non-delivery of the Card at the email address provided, or 9.5 The fact that the email sent by www.zaitegui.es is considered spam or unwanted email.

10. Cards originally obtained through any illegal means will be null and void and will not be used to purchase products.

11. The Gift Card will not be used for advertising or promotion of products or services marketed by a third party other than the issuer of the card, unless the latter gives its written consent.

12. The purchase and / or use of the Card implies the total acceptance of these terms and conditions of the general terms and conditions.